Ireland has a very rich history and culture, with important characters in European literature. The country is well known for its unpredictable climate, where the sun is not very present. They speak both Irish and English, carrying an accent quite different from other native English-speaking countries. Dublin, the capital, is a bustling city with many entertainment options for those looking for parties, restaurants, and events. The Irish are passionate about sports and follow their teams like few fans in the world. If your idea is to study in Ireland, the country has many foreigners who seek this beautiful country as a destination for a season. For those looking for a shorter trip, Ireland offers incredible scenery and very friendly people.

Major Cities


Dublin is the capital of Ireland, and is well known for being a welcoming, cheerful, and vibrant city. It has approximately two million inhabitants. There are several pubs and parks in the city, one of which is Phoenix Park. Within the park is also located the Dublin Zoo, one of the most important zoos in Europe.


Known for being a university city, it is the second largest in the country. It is a great destination for exchange students, as it has a complete infrastructure, such as pubs, shopping malls, and is very traditional when it comes to music, theater, and art in general.


The city is known for having a huge cultural center as numerous events take place there throughout the year such as theatre plays, circus events, and much more. Its population is around 80,000 inhabitants and it is the sixth most populous city in Ireland. In addition, the National University of Ireland is located in the city.


Limerick is of cultural and historical importance to the Irish island, as the Battle of Boyne, the Treaty of Limerick, and other events took place there. Its population is around 100,000 inhabitants.