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Gabriel Renz da Silva

"I thank the support of Victor Moreira, who was a fundamental part in making this dream come true. With his advices I was able to plan ahead, I could make better use of the period I was abroad and the most important, I could evolve with everything I experienced [...] I have no doubts on the Fresh Water's staff on performing a serious and effective work on exchange area."

Pedro Germano

"The proximity of the foreign student athlete to the exchange company is very important for adaptation and success. I am happy to say that Victor's support was above and beyond what I expected. I can only thank him for the effort made to make the process as smooth as possible, where I could rely on him until the end of my experience and can recommend to anyone."

Marcus Vinícius Loesch

"Victor was very important in my going to the United States. Besides being the one who gave me this opportunity, he also helped me a lot with all the documentation and adaptation upon arrival. [...] He was assisting me, and as soon as I arrived in the USA, Victor was extremely important in my adaptation, and since I didn't speak much English and didn't know much about the habits, I always needed help."

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