The United States is the third largest country in the world in terms of territory, but can be considered the largest nation in many other aspects, as it is very rich in landscapes, diversity and culture.

Being a very large country, it has a diversity of economic sources, climates, accents, and a big social/political difference depending on where you are.

It is a country where education and sports go hand in hand, with a lot of investment in both areas. They excel in many sports and are examples as to how to run sporting events.

Spring: March - June
Summer: June - September
Autumn: September - December
Winter: December - March

Major Cities

State: Florida

Miami is the Latin capital of the United States, with a large population coming from countries in South and Central America. Diversity defines this city that also stands out for its lively nightlife, differentiated cuisine and a very pleasant climate all year round, much like Brazil.

New York
State: New York

New York City is known for being the economic center of the country, moving the financial market of the world. It also contains a very diverse population with a very high cost of living. With a seasonal climate, New York has a very harsh winter, attracting many tourists at Christmas and New Year's time.

Los Angeles
State: California

Los Angeles is the city chosen to live in by many celebrities from all over the world because it has the Hollywood studio nearby and a pleasant climate for much of the year. The state of California is also close to the beach and snow, so you can surf and ski without having to travel far. San Francisco and San Diego are interesting trips to make by car, getting to know the west coast of the United States.

Washington DC

The country's capital boasts fantastic architecture and many tourist attractions. The city is located between Miami and New York in the center of the east side of the United States. The city is known for its museums and rich history.


Bruno Giuseppe

My name is Bruno Giuseppe, I am 23 years old and currently living in Laurinburg, North Carolina. I achieved my dream of studying and playing soccer in the USA because of the great support Victor gave me to get here! Always presenting me with opportunities, solutions, and most important of all: the motivation to continue evolving both academically and athletically. I ended up getting a 50% scholarship. Today I am entering my second year as a scholarship student and still keep asking for feedback on training and general opinions because I know it was the best path I took!